C60 is the moniker I go by when performing visual or music.  Almost twenty years ago I , who had long since been a computer fiend, finally had some technology that was getting fun to play with and was asked to perform for a little party with some  fellow visualists.  I think at the time it was a 386 computer running a fractal generation program called fractint. That and winamp running milkdrop all sorts of visual fun was available. This marked the beginning of my entrance into the colorful world of VJing.
I have performed throughout the spectrum of parties from small coffee shops , community hall parties, nightclubs to big festivals and arena shows.   Always trying to bring fresh tech style  visuals with an emphasis on color and shape.  Utilizing Blender as a key component in the creation of custom animations and sequences coupled with latest in computer vj software.  Add coffee, alot of coffee, seriously, a lot.  A few custom quartz plugins, some glsl snippets,  a pure data patch or two whatever other electronic equipment is lying around at the time and you have visuals.  I’ve  used everything from wiimote controllers and arduino’s with light sensors to iDevices and VHS not all at the same time mind you. From old school dvd mixing with old videonics mixers to all types of programs I’m not biased.
Recently I’ve had the opportunity to play on some full domes.  This was a great experience and opened up my eyes to VR.  A dome is just half a VR field and to do full dome I pretty much had the whole world constructed.  It just takes more rendering time,  oh much, much more rendering time.
“Time generally plays the most important role.  Rendering of a single frame of animation can approach several minutes to an hour and when you need at least 30 of those a second for playback, time is definitely not your friend.  When you factor that like a dj a vj plays more than one “tune” at once the prep time can be a huge factor.  Thus recently I’ve started focusing more on live generated content utilizing GLSL snippets.  This has had the advantage of requiring less prep time but at the expense of needing more raw horsepower for the show.
For my day job during most of this time I worked at my family’s woodworking shop utilizing automated manufacturing technologies.  I’ve been responsible for buying, assembling, running, maintaining our CNC’s and related technology.  From simple coffee tables to fancy engraved signs and full buildings and plans I’ve been lucky enough to have a wide variety of jobs.
I’m currently looking for new opportunities ideally in something technical in 3d and graphical.  If you know of any opportunities or are looking for skilled, quick learners who are great at problem solving let me know.
If you are wondering why I choose C60 , it’s the 4th state of Carbon, 60 carbon atoms bonded in a sphere, named after buckminster fuller.  BuckyBalls or fullerene’s
ful·ler·ene  (fl-rn)


Any of various cagelike, hollow molecules composed of hexagonal and pentagonal groups of atoms, and especially those formed from carbon, that constitute the third form of carbon after diamond and graphite.