I recently had the opportunity to work with a local artist Charles Campbell in Victoria, BC creating some visualizations of a public art project he is working on. The original models were done in fusion 360 by Charles and exported as OBJ files for me to import into Blender. I used geometry nodes in Blender to replace the complicated meshes from Fusion 360 with simplified ones done within Blender by using bounding boxes and instances making it fairly lightweight. I did some tests with geometry nodes to fake a dynamic wind system but due to the movement in the scene and the size of the objects it didn’t add much to the visualization. We also added some mostly accurate visualizations of how the sun would rise and set given the location and time of day. I used two different times of year, one around the equinox and one around the summer solstice to help offer some insight to the play of light. The proposal was a success and it should appear sometime in the future near a skytrain platform in Vancouver, BC.

Here’s the proposal video by Charles Campbell Art be sure to check out some of his other past works.