Printruder II

Well after fixing my idler wheel several times I thought I had it licked. After the epoxy not holding enough, the hot glue seemed great but wouldn’t get through 2 prints. So superglue I go. I let it sit for a couple days, then after a couple quick warmup prints I told it to do the printruder II block, after about 15 minutes the idler wheel stopped moving. It was still feeding the plastic and there appeared to be a crack in the acrylic idler wheel. So it looks like the third one is down. Amazingly it held out the print and I have a nice looking printruder block. This was the last piece I needed but figured I’d try to get a couple more prints in, or at least try. A couple prints later, or was it the new firmware that appeared and I couldn’t resist burning, no matter. The printruder was ready to be installed.

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