Prusa v2 update

I just finished my third printer, the makerbot is now a grandparent. Behold the prusa v2.

I finally got around to putting on the old v1 heatbed and I hooked up the arcol v4 resistor. Sadly the stainless steel thing is far to fragile and blew out, I’m also dissapointed it uses a different thread size then the standard heater barrel, so I can reuse the awesome resistor core and mount, so i’ve thrown in a Maker Gear heatcore with a .25 big head nozzle. So far so good.
This build also has machined pulleys and t2 belts with lm8uu linear bearings. Finally I get flat bottom layers and circles are circles.
I’m also digging slic3rs new concentric fill, still a few bugs in the way it sorts stuff but I’m sure it’ll get fixed soon. Thanks sound for a great utility. I haven’t gone back to skeinforge since it tried it,

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