We did it.   Our Project titled “Bowwave” presented at this years Beakerhead where art meets science went off with a resounding success.
Our team of talented Artists, Engineers, Lighting Experts, Engineers and Musicians brought our concept to fruition.   Our inital goal was to utilize some ancient circuits and button pads from an old science centre exhibit to control a lighting array on a sand rock bar that had formed from the flood in 2013.  When the buttons, which were electric field sensors, were triggered they would play a sound and light up a line of lights.  The idea was that it would take many hands to fully activate both the sound and light components, in this case 10.

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Wooden Vessels

A new project me and my dad have been working on is creating wooden vessels with the CNC machine at work. This project started as a tribute to my late grandma who had her own interpretations of vessels through her years of pottery work. We thought up a bunch of objects that would be near impossible to do by hand. Of course there is still a lot of hand work that needs to happen for these objects to truly shine. It was a bit of a challenge, not only in holding down the pieces but aligning them when cutting out the other side, designing the objects and fine tuning the tool paths.