Hall effect home switches

Here’s some home switches for a cnc or 3d printer, opensource hall effect switch
I built a bunch of these and have since installed them on the cnc at work and on my new prusa v2 reprap build. There great, I love the versatility of using the magnet as the switch, i’m able to tape or glue or if there’s some metal frame nearby just stick it to it. Plus the little light to let you know its on is nice. Mine are uv LEDs. I almost wonder why people still use the optical endstops, they definitely cost more.

In that picture you can see the y and the z the little magnet for y is on the bottom bolt on the heatbed, I havn’t quite figured out how to mount the z or x one yet, yeah g92 x0y0z0.

Spindle GO!

My 2200watt water cooled Chinese spindle from automation technologies with accompanying inverter arrived yesterday. After driving around town to various post office depots I picked up the final pieces to the puzzle. I also had to find a water pump and plumbing. I ended up buying a cheap $69 fountain pump that can do 170gph with a 5ft head with a flow control. I also bought a few plastic bits to convert from the 3/8 to 1/4 that the spindle takes, all ID measurements. Which was part of the problem. I bought braided tubing so that there would be no chance of the hose getting crushed, not that it should, just in case. I forgot to take into account the extra OD but luckily the cheap princess auto stuff is actually two separate layers so I just peeled off a little at the motor so it fit it’s crush connectors. I wired up a 3 phase switch to the inverter and bought some 4 conductor 16ga shielded? For the motor.
As per tool designer build log videos I setup the wiring.
3 phase = Inverter.
110v = R
110v. = S
110v. = T
Gnd. = E
Motor. = Inverter
1 =U
2 =V
3 =W
4 =E
I’m not 100% on the 10k pot wiring,
ACM=GND on pot
V1= Outside leg of pot
10v=center leg of pot
REV/FWD=switch sense
So after getting that all together and verifying connections I hooked it all up and away it went. I just wanted to verify it was functioning and success. Tomorrow my job is to finish putting it back on the machine and make a more permanent mount for the switch and inverter and water pump. There is still endstops switches to install and after reading more about the hall effect type switches I think I might make them for homing. Repeatable/accurate and no moving parts to boot. I still think switches are fine for end of travel but for initial homing sounds great.