To be able to keep up with rendering 2k or 4k video I decided I needed a new computer.  Laptop’s weren’t really cutting it these days, I can’t put new Nvidia cards into them.  Plus mac’s are overpriced for what they contain.   I’ve been following along with mackintosh’s for awhile and even managed to boot up an old Pentium 4 shuttle box I had at one point, but it sounded like now things have started to stabilize.  After many hours researching on tonymacx86 I took the plunge and started ordering.   For roughly $1200 CDN I could put together a pretty powerful unit,  Core i7, 16gb ram, 250gb SSD drive, Nvidia Geforce 960.  There was relitively few snags on setting it all up.  My main problem was because I was trying to triple boot,  Windows 10/ OSX/ Linux (Mint).  It seemed every time I installed a new OS  it would blow away the boot manager from the previous ones,  I’m looking at you windows.    After some trial and error I have it all up and working.   Now which OS will I find myself in more 😉