To be able to keep up with rendering 2k or 4k video I decided I needed a new computer.  Laptop’s weren’t really cutting it these days, I can’t put new Nvidia cards into them.  Plus mac’s are overpriced for what they contain.   I’ve been following along with mackintosh’s for awhile and even managed to […]


It’s been awhile (3 years) since the first raspberry pi, the $35 computer, came on the scene.  Three years is a pretty long cycle not to have any major significant change in the computer industry .  Sure they doubled the ram and added a few usb ports over the year, but original processor that drives […]

Spiral Vases

Here is some great new prints utilizing slic3r’s spiral vase mode. Printed on an i3 Wilson using diamond age translucent blue filament at .2mm layer height and .5 mm layerwidth with 1 perimeter and 3 bottoms using a Jhead .35 nozzle  

Glowy low-poly mask

For Halloween I modified a low poly mask off thingiverse. By using blender and some modifiers I was able to make a vornoi style skeleton. And it glows bright green thanks to the awesome filament by Diamond Age from New Zealand.

Grand rep rap bot

Well the 3rd generation of my 3d printers is now operational. I’m sure there will be some initial growing pains but so far the Wilson is shaping up to be a wonderful machine. The newly acquired smoothie board is fully operational and I even managed to print a calibration pyramid with the arcol v4 all […]

Printruder II

Well after fixing my idler wheel several times I thought I had it licked. After the epoxy not holding enough, the hot glue seemed great but wouldn’t get through 2 prints. So superglue I go. I let it sit for a couple days, then after a couple quick warmup prints I told it to do […]

Cracked Idler Wheels ‘N Apples

As Sumer in Calgary is coming to an end I’m starting to do more activities inside. I have two heatcores built they were working ok but the noodles were curling after a some time. On one of the reprap blogs someone had noticed a similar thing after lots of usage and drilled out the nozzle […]