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From real to imaginary and back again reversed

  Here’s my latest attempt at replicating a real object. The original was a beautiful hand crafted copper and enamelled skull by Markus Michel. This was done using an iPhone, Catch 123D, Meshmixer, Blender, Slic3r, Pronterface and Smoothieboard¬† on my RepRap Wilson 3D Printer.  

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iPhone case

An iPhone case found on, looks nice in translucent colours.

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More finished projects

Here’s a couple other projects I’ve done recently, Some essential oil display units. This is how I cut them. And some posts for a stairway.

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Luxo Lamp

I love this Luxo Jr. Lamp. I printed one up and put a blinkm light in it. I’m hopefully going to get some printed for my nieces for Christmas.

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Must print more dome bracket’s. Well I love the newest rendition of the dome brackets with the ball and socket joint thanks to both effalo and yazzo for there work and everyone else who it wouldn’t be possible without. I’ve been making enough to do 1 dome and hopefully get 2 done sometime but sadly […]

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Bucky dome dome

It all starts with an idea. I was brainstorming with a friend about some personal spheres and I got the idea to use old tent poles, the fiberglass ones with the shock-cord down the middle. So a few days of research and some openscad finagling I came up with a script to generate them. I […]

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