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We did it.   Our Project titled “Bowwave” presented at this years Beakerhead where art meets science went off with a resounding success. Our team of talented Artists, Engineers, Lighting Experts, Engineers and Musicians brought our concept to fruition.   Our inital goal was to utilize some ancient circuits and button pads from an old science centre […]

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I got a last minute invitation to do visuals at beaker head.  The NEST dome guys from Montreal that were out at motion notion this summer were being brought to town to showcase the full dome.  Time was tight so we only ended up jamming for an hour while Essete played some nice beats.  Was […]

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Fozzy Fest 2015

Here’s the stage at Fozzy Fest 2015 that I helped put together.  I was too beat from the extensive setup that I didn’t have the energy for doing visuals, luckily we had other people to help out.

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The Big List of  Projects Spanning over a decade from intimate parties  to large multistage festivals. Here’s the ones I can remember, I helped out with many other crews so quite a few are missing 😉   2000 – 2016 – Motion Notion  – VJ 2010-2016 – Bash on the Bow – VJ, Sound , […]

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Motion Notion 2012

It’s that time of year again, summer festival season. I will be playing Motion Notion again this year on July 18-22. I’ve done visuals at motion notion almost every year, I think there was one I took a break from and the first one I didn’t do. I’m really excited about the new location, Golden, […]

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Welcome to C60 a purveyor of fine visual fodder. Come down and enjoy the solstice.

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