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Table numbers

Here’s some recent table numbers I designed and manufactured with the help of my CNC. These were for the Lake House Restaurant by CRMR  

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Relief cnc cutting

Here’s a neat relief cutting I did for a client.

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More finished projects

Here’s a couple other projects I’ve done recently, Some essential oil display units. This is how I cut them. And some posts for a stairway.

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CNC Shenanigans

At work in part of the ongoing rebuild of the shop I put together a kit CNC that’s been performing wonderfully but recently one of the g201x Gecko motor controllers stopped working. After verifying it wasn’t either the motor/wiring/or controller channel, if the non-existent green power light wasn’t the dead giveaway, I sent it back […]

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Hall effect home switches

Here’s some home switches for a cnc or 3d printer, opensource hall effect switch update: I built a bunch of these and have since installed them on the cnc at work and on my new prusa v2 reprap build. There great, I love the versatility of using the magnet as the switch, i’m able to […]

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Spindle GO!

My 2200watt water cooled Chinese spindle from automation technologies with accompanying inverter arrived yesterday. After driving around town to various post office depots I picked up the final pieces to the puzzle. I also had to find a water pump and plumbing. I ended up buying a cheap $69 fountain pump that can do 170gph […]

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CNC build

I decided on ordering up a kit cnc to use as a proto machine for the new shop. It’s going to be awhile before we hear back from insurance and have a spot worthy of an expensive piece of machinery I figured a kit CNC that you knew exactly how it goes together and open […]

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