Luxo Lamp

I love this Luxo Jr. Lamp. I printed one up and put a blinkm light in it. I’m hopefully going to get some printed for my nieces for Christmas.

Prusa v2 update

I just finished my third printer, the makerbot is now a grandparent. Behold the prusa v2. I finally got around to putting on the old v1 heatbed and I hooked up the arcol v4 resistor. Sadly the stainless steel thing is far to fragile and blew out, I’m also dissapointed it uses a different thread […]

Hall effect home switches

Here’s some home switches for a cnc or 3d printer, opensource hall effect switch update: I built a bunch of these and have since installed them on the cnc at work and on my new prusa v2 reprap build. There great, I love the versatility of using the magnet as the switch, i’m able to […]


Well it’s 2012 and the buckybot printed me out lots of Christmas presents. I hope my family isn’t totally sick of free objects. I finally put in an arcol type hotend, aluminum block with resistor. It works great, at least after getting the nozzle and barrel tight enough to prevent leaking. My next step is […]

It’s Alive

I decided to order up a ramps kit from ultimachine to finally get my mendel working. The only thing that i’ve had a bit of an issue with is the firmware. I managed to get tesla’s version of tonokip’s firmware working, I had to edit the pins to reflect the correct assignment for the 1.2 […]


Must print more dome bracket’s. Well I love the newest rendition of the dome brackets with the ball and socket joint thanks to both effalo and yazzo for there work and everyone else who it wouldn’t be possible without. I’ve been making enough to do 1 dome and hopefully get 2 done sometime but sadly […]

Halfway to prusa

The Buckybot aka. A sells Mendel is working great, other than my bad pulleys. I have to print up a batch and bring them to work and setup the drill press proper, or cut the laser cut version on the cnc at work, I just don’t like using the 1/16mm drill bit or rather haven’t […]


I finally got around to making a couple heater cores from makergear. Amazingly its not because my old one failed. One of these will be used for the new Mendel thats mostly complete. The mechanical part is all together so now I only have to work on the hot end. I printed up a wade […]