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Glowy low-poly mask

For Halloween I modified a low poly mask off thingiverse. By using blender and some modifiers I was able to make a vornoi style skeleton. And it glows bright green thanks to the awesome filament by Diamond Age from New Zealand.

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Relief cnc cutting

Here’s a neat relief cutting I did for a client.

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Platonic solid connectors

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Grand rep rap bot

Well the 3rd generation of my 3d printers is now operational. I’m sure there will be some initial growing pains but so far the Wilson is shaping up to be a wonderful machine. The newly acquired smoothie board is fully operational and I even managed to print a calibration pyramid with the arcol v4 all […]

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So begins the great grandchild build of pi bot,

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iPhone case

An iPhone case found on, looks nice in translucent colours.

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More finished projects

Here’s a couple other projects I’ve done recently, Some essential oil display units. This is how I cut them. And some posts for a stairway.

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CNC Shenanigans

At work in part of the ongoing rebuild of the shop I put together a kit CNC that’s been performing wonderfully but recently one of the g201x Gecko motor controllers stopped working. After verifying it wasn’t either the motor/wiring/or controller channel, if the non-existent green power light wasn’t the dead giveaway, I sent it back […]

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Luxo Lamp

I love this Luxo Jr. Lamp. I printed one up and put a blinkm light in it. I’m hopefully going to get some printed for my nieces for Christmas.

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Prusa v2 update

I just finished my third printer, the makerbot is now a grandparent. Behold the prusa v2. I finally got around to putting on the old v1 heatbed and I hooked up the arcol v4 resistor. Sadly the stainless steel thing is far to fragile and blew out, I’m also dissapointed it uses a different thread […]

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