Bucky dome dome

It all starts with an idea. I was brainstorming with a friend about some personal spheres and I got the idea to use old tent poles, the fiberglass ones with the shock-cord down the middle. So a few days of research and some openscad finagling I came up with a script to generate them. I printed one and posted it on thingiverse. A few weeks late user Effalo did up a full dome and posted a howto on his blog. He then uploaded some visual improvements for aligning the struts.

Finally the idea in my mind progressed into making spheres with LEDs on each node to use for some visuals so I started off on printing the 32 nodes. Well I got to 26, enough for the dome, but realized 42 was a more realistic number. I think it stems from my data from desert domes which was more about building domes, not spheres.

So here it is, the dome that is.