While my new plastic and pololu stepper driver arrived I remembered why I never use UPS from the states. The are extortionests when it comes to brokerage. My contents were roughly $100. Shipping was $20, brokerage and gst was $40. So including shipping ups is 60% of the actual thing I bought, and yes 40% if you dont include shipping. For something that amounts to printer cartridges thats eco friendly and as far as I know the only distributer in north America. As least there wasnt duty I suppose. Next time Ill use USPS.

The green PLA is awesome and it seems thinner than the clear oddly enough. Ultimachine also included a sample of Translucent blue and as someone else said it is indeed black light reactive. Wicked!!! I definitely should have ordered it as the cost of shipping and brokerage fees are somewhat counter-productive.